Vertical Farm 1.0


Main characteristics:

  • Requires a surface area of 3×3 ft
  • Up to 7 trays depending on the customers desire
  • Accommodates up to 200 plants
  • Produces vegetables for on average 1 200 000 UGX per planting cycle
  • Vermi-composting chamber transforms organic waste into organic fertilizer

Included in the price:

  • The wooden modular vertical farm structure
  • Premium quality soil
  • Up to 200 seedlings
  • 1 kg of worms
  • Installation


This innovative Vertical Farm is nowhere else available but in Kampala. It is the product of years of research and development, and makes it possible to grow up to 200 plants on a surface of only 3 by 3 feet. This enables the owner to produce their own organic and fresh vegetables, which can be used for own consumption or for selling purposes. Upon ordering a Vertical Farm 1.0, an extension officer will assess your needs and requirements, to optimize the placement of the farm. If it is for own consumption, seedlings are recommended that provide you with a healthy and varied diet. If the purpose is to earn an additional income, the fastest growing high value crops are proposed, which yield on average around 1 200 000 UGX per planting cycle (4,5 months). If these targets are not achieved, VMG offers free extension services (e.g. which crops to use, how often to water, …) to optimize your yield and get the most value out of your vertical farm.

Furthermore, in the heart of the Vertical Farm, organic waste is transformed through vermi-composting. This lowers household waste diverted to landfills, creates the possibility to grow and sell worms, and provides you with organic fertilizer.

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